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Benefits Home Heating Oil

The Benefits of Home Heating Oil

For many Connecticut customers, home heating oil and natural gas will continue to play a major role in their home heating systems. Home heating oil offers many benefits relative to natural gas.

  • Heating oil is economical and efficient. Oil heat systems achieve a significantly higher efficiency rating than gas, propane, wood or electricity. Heating oil generates a hotter flame than natural gas, so it heats your home and your hot water supply in less time. This higher efficiency means lower home heating bills every month.
  • Heating oil is safe. Heating oil is difficult to ignite accidentally. In fact, if you were to drop a lit match in a bucket of heating oil, the flame would go out.
  • Heating oil offers dependable supply. As with every petroleum product, the price of heating oil goes up and down, depending on the cost of crude oil and other issues. However, since there are dozens of oil-producing countries, the United States does not depend on any one region or foreign country for our supply. In fact, more than 40% of our crude oil comes from the United States. In addition, the world’s total proven reserves of crude oil are about 10% higher than they were in 1980. This makes oil a dependable heating fuel of choice.
  • Heating oil offers superior furnace systems. With proper attention, home heating oil systems typically last 30 years or more, compared to 15 for the average gas furnace. To help keep your system healthy, we treat our home heating oil with UltraGuard, the most advanced additive available for heating oil. This helps protect your equipment and keep it clean.
  • Environmental advantages of heating oil. In terms of overall emissions, heating oil, referred to as BioHeat, is cleaner than natural gas and getting even “greener” every year through modern improvements.
  • Heating oil is versatile. Today’s home heating oil systems can heat with water, steam, warm air, or hydro-air, which uses water and warm air. Oil heat systems can provide heating and cooling. They can also be fitted with air-cleaning equipment and humidifiers. In addition, with home heating oil you always have the supply you need stored on your own property – you choose how to use and conserve your supply as you need it.