Why CT Oil Direct?

Connecticut Oil Direct uses the power of the Internet to provide residential oil delivery that is simple, innovative and competitive.

We provide low-cost oil delivery services across most of Connecticut.
With Connecticut Oil Direct, you can expect:

Low Oil Prices

Secure Payment

Friendly, Reliable Services

Easy Online Ordering

High Environmental Standards

Professional Oil Delivery

How we do it

Connecticut Oil Direct keeps its costs and prices down by operating in a simple and efficient manner — and passing the savings on to customers. We’re able to offer some of the lowest-priced residential oil in Connecticut because we do three things differently from most oil companies.

What you get

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Best possible price

CT Oil Direct was born online, graduated cum laude and is mastering in efficiency. With our ordering process requiring little back office work, we can offer our customers the best price at the lowest margin.

Secure Online Ordering

CT Oil Direct wants our customers ordering experience to be as convenient and pleasurable as possible. Our ordering process gives our customers a secure way to order fuel anywhere, at anytime, 24 hours a day.

Proudly delivering BioHeat

CT Oil Direct offers the same product you get from a full-service dealer, but at a lower price. Our partnering companies understand that some of their customers do not want a full-service experience, but still

Reliable service

Since we are a CT-based company and never outsource deliveries, we are in complete control and not beholden to any other company’s operating challenges.